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Please review the frequently asked partnership questions below to get an understanding of how our business works. Then, all you need to do is think of an attractive deal and fill out the discovery form further below. The more information you provide, the more it will help us in promoting your business. Once we receive your submission we will create a dedicated page on our website and we will allow you to review before publishing and officially launching you as a Priority Wine Pass Partner.

Frequently Asked Partnership Questions

The physical pass is the standard size and feel of a regular credit card. Please reference the image shown below.

The digital version is a PDF which may be printed out or viewed on a visitors mobile device. Reference the image below or click it to see an actual pass.


Our passes are only valid for the cardholder whose name appears on the pass. Therefore we recommend that you ask the cardholder for a government issued ID to reference. Also note that the pass is invalid after the expiration date listed on the pass.
We ask that you honor the offers that you list on our website. We also ask that you be straightforward regarding your deals and outline any restrictions that may apply. Lastly we ask that you inform all your employees about the program and keep new hires up to date regarding your offers.
Our most popular winery offer is the 2 for 1 tastings. This essentially allows the cardholder to purchase 2 tasting for 50% off. If you decide to promote this offer we ask that you allow the cardholder share their 50% tasting with a guest.
Yes. However we ask that you give us 90 days so that we can update and inform our customers accordingly.
Yes. However, we ask that you give us 90 days notice to do so. We also ask that you continue to honor the offer within that 90 day period as to not confuse of let down any visiting customers.
Yes! Keep us informed about any and all events or specials and we will do our best to promote to our members.
We encourage you to browse our website for more information. The customer F.A.Q. is also a great resource for additional membership information. You can also reach us at [email protected] for partner results, success stories and any other questions you may have.

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