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LogoOur gourmet, chef-created molecular gastronomy food bites to pair with our winesOur comfortable tasting annex. Come pick out a record to pair with your tasting!

About Us

Humble Beginnings

Most people envision a beautiful estate, a castle, or an identifiable landmark when they think of wineries, especially in the Napa Valley.Humanitas had a different vision. Founder and owner Judd Wallenbrock wanted to focus on the wine, not a building. Winery owners often come from other industries with lots of money and big dreams to erect a beautiful edifice,” says Judd, which is great. I didn’t. I came from humble beginnings and was a wine guy from day one. I only cared about making wines that honored great vineyards and were so good they could change the world.”

So Judd put his money into the best grapes he could find (not the building) and was able to direct that money from the sales of Humanitas to primary need charities. As a result, he built a shed for $600 in his backyard in the town of Napa a whopping 120 square feet situated under a grove of redwoods on hard clay soils ideal for making and barreling fine wines with little temperature changes. He outfitted the shed with 3.5″ hard insulation on the walls and ceiling, plugged in a heater for the winter, and a 900 BTU air conditioner for the summer. Viola, the Shed-Teau” was born. Like the Hewlett-Packard garage, the Shed-Teau” in Judd’s backyard is symbolic of all that Humanitas stands for: focus on the wines and the cause, not the place. It’s what’s in the bottle and the heart that is most important. And though you no longer have to step over his kid’s skateboards and his wife’s flowers to get to his fine wines, now that Humanitas has joined The Good Life Wine Collective with Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines, you can still taste the handcrafted quality and passion in every sip.

Our Wines

Humanitas Wines’ Humble Quest Launched in Backyard Shed-Teau” Now Closing in on a Quarter-of-a-Million in Charitable Donations

We invite you to Drink Charitably with us by ordering wines online or join a Humanitas Wine Club. You may also contact our hospitality team directly at (707) 253-1405.

The Story of the Seven Percent Solution”

In 2014, Humanitas Wines joined the Good Life Wine Collective with Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines after Judd Wallenbrock took the helm as President and CEO of the family-owned wine group in 2012. It was during this integration process that Wallenbrock realized his tiny one-man show was on path to surpass a quarter-of-a-million-dollars in donations to charitable projects. Latin for philanthropy, character and human nature, Humanitas embraces two simple ideas craft the best vineyard designate wines possible while creating good in the world.

After running solo for more than a decade, and now finding a home with The Good Life Wine Collective, this transition has allowed me to reflect back on my journey,” said Wallenbrock. I’m humbled at what Humanitas has accomplished and where it can now go with a full team behind our mission. Our dream is to get enough people Drinking Charitably to raise this kind of revenue for worthy causes on an annual basis.”

Founded in Wallenbrock’s backyard shed (The Shed-Teau) in 2001 as a way to give back to those less fortunate, Humanitas donates seven percent of all revenues to charity. It’s what Wallenbrock calls, The Seven Percent Solution.” Specifically, the monies go to solution-based organizations in health, hunger and affordable housing, with a focus on regional giving. Currently, Humanitas has fundraising partnerships with SightLife, whose mission is to eliminate corneal blindness, The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and many regional food banks and community foundations.

At the Humanitas Tasting Annex in southern Napa, the winery offers appointment only Pay it Forward tasting experiences that feature exclusive tours of its winery facility, along with molecular gastronomy spoon bite pairings developed by master instructor and cookbook author Chef MikeC.


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