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Not only is the Priority Wine Pass a great way to save money and experience preferential treatment while wine tasting, much of the value is having our wine tasting expertise to help guide you to the wineries that best fit your preferences and tastes. We do this by offering our members exclusive and customized itineraries, suggestions, and advice based off their wine tasting preferences and our knowledge of all of our winery partners as well as wineries throughout wine country.

As the founder, I have personally visited over 600 wineries in the past 5 years that has brought me great joy in assisting my wineries and winemakers help grow their passion while at the same time creating experiences for my members and helping connect and match make my members with wineries they would have not gone to without my guidance.

I hope to have pass holders stay members for years to come and look forward to a long lasting relationship of winery finding that best suits their needs and wants.

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